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B.S. in Fashion Design

Marketing Coordinator

Freelance Designer + Consultant

I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Kassie [Kass] Dyes, I currently reside in Nashville, TN with my dog Pilot, but we are willing to relocate for the right fit.  

First of all, you should know that drafts one and two of this were written with pen and paper as I believe in the importance of the tangible.  But like most, I have to acknowledge and respect technology and the invention of spell check for drafts three and four. 

One might describe me as a creative problem solver, designer, consultant, and all around fixer.  According to my Myers Briggs, I am the Campaigner.  An ENFP-T.  Generally speaking I find most of this fairly accurate with the addition of my love of a good plan. 

My spirit is entrepreneurial to its core.  I began my first business in fifth grade when I started baking cookies and sold them at $0.50 per cookie to pay for summer camp.  Since then, I've worked on projects of my own as well as other start-ups that have given me a a wide range of experience. 

Not only did I spend my days baking, I was that odd child who started taking sewing lessons at age 9 and continued with my weekly lessons until I began my first part-time contract sewing job at the age of 15.  That knowledge led me to receive my B.S. in Fashion Design in 2013.

My freelance work ranges from full wedding design and implementation to small intimate party planning to building websites.  These experiences have been both paid and volunteered services. 

My motivation is people.  I desire to help others, to ease their stress, or lighten their load.  Sometimes that means actively offering a service while other times it comes from creating a point of beauty for someone to pause and enjoy. 

My personal motto remains:

There is no project too insignificant that it can't be executed thoughtfully and with excellence.  

Up to this point, my job has been the thing that I do, not who I am.  I am hoping to mix these two while also keeping a good work/life balance. 

I currently work in marketing, for a small healthcare consulting firm.  As an employee, I am used in-house as well as contracted out to other companies for marketing, branding, and design purposes.  This has given me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and various teams. 

I vow to bring everything I have to the table, have a learner's spirit, and work with integrity. 


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I’m honored to work as a freelance consultant, designer, and all around creative fixer. Please feel free to contact me directly to see if we might be a good fit.


Daniel + Courtney
Floral Design
Design Consultant

Damarea + Kristen
Wedding Plan + Design

Matt + Amy
Floral Design
Planning Consultant

Noah + Patty
Wedding Design
Full Installation

Jeff + Emilee
Floral Design
Design Consultant
Decoration Installation


Volunteer Experience

Greater Nashville Church
·Manage weekly coffee cart and manage other volunteers.

·Manager of all church decorating efforts and building updates.

·Event planning for formals and annual Christmas event.

·Manage Young Professional social media account (@gncpulse)



Event Planning

Detail Oriented

Strong Design Sense


Web Design

Adobe Creative Suite


Design concept and implementation

Project Management

Microsoft Office



Megan Holt
Interior Designer, Megan Holt Interiors

Courtney Crew Wright
Marketing Manager, Shipt

Corinne Gardner
Marketing and Special Projects Coordinator, MMi

Tiffany Phantakou
HR Manager, MMi



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